Club Fit

Club Fit is a fitness program designed specifically for Special Olympics athletes of varying skill levels to improve their health and fitness outside of participation in other Special Olympics programs.

Intended for participants ages 14 and up, Club Fit provides SOBC athletes an opportunity to improve overall health and fitness throughout the year with quality programs that supplement their participation in traditional sport programs. Club Fit also provides opportunities to help new athletes (or athletes that have left sport programs) to improve overall health and fitness for their whole life. Athletes who register with Special Olympics can take part in Club Fit as the only program they are registered in.

Club Fit is part of the Special Olympics long-term athlete development model. It aims to improve athletes’ overall wellness by helping them optimize potential and provide lifelong activity opportunities.

Club Fit sets standards for fitness programs for Special Olympics athletes in British Columbia.

SOBC has a growing base of flexible Club Fit resources that can be combined by program leaders in numerous ways to achieve a high-quality program that meets the fitness goals of all athletes.